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More About Le Lotus Bleu

Le Lotus Bleu 3D visit


Le Lotus Bleu 3D Visit

You can visit Le Lotus Bleu virtually.
This will give you an overview of the house,


Tatami Hall - Shala

The room for activities such as yoga is located down stairs, on the right side of the entrance. There is a tatami space (on the left side of the picture) and a wooden floor space (where you see the sofa on the picture). Overall surface is about 36m2, we can fit up to 18 yoga mats. There are 12 yoga mats, 14 blocks, 6 belts and several balance balls available. There is an attenant wood deck outside

The space is also equiped with mesh screen doors to prevent mosquitoes.


Kitchen - Dining room

The spacious kitchen is fully equipped with cooking utensils, gas hob and gas oven for professional use. There is a fridge, a coffee machine, 2 big rice cooker , a toaster, a juicer-mixer, a microwave oven... and enough plates and dishes for about 20 people. There is also a counter where people can eat, or that can be used as buffet style counter. 

Salt, soy sauce, oil, seasonings, etc... left by previous guests are at disposal.

Individuals staying at le lotus bleu can use the kitchen and the dining room.

For a retreat or a group, we can recommend some catering otpions. Some retreat groups bring their own chefs, e.g. for vegetarian meals. 

It is great fun for guests to cook together, and some retreats include cooking classes, such as Ayurveda.


Guest rooms

There are five rooms of various sizes for one to six people. Each room has a toilet and shower, and a hairdryer. The rooms are equipped with a fridge, microwave, toaster and electric kettle so that simple meals can be taken in the room. 

You'll sleep on futons and tatamis like in traditional japanese houses, the futons are stored in the closets, we'll show you how to use them.

Each room is equiped with air conditioning and fan.

We don't enter in the room during your stay, if you need to do some cleaning there are some ustensils available in the closet.

To protect environment, we change towels only on request.

There are two washing machines on the ground floor and eco-friendly detergent is available. If the towels do not dry, we will provide you with new ones, so please let us know.

Let's protect our planet together.


Other equipment: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, tissues, mosquito repellent coils, etc.


Other information

On the ground floor there are spacious areas, including two terraces and a engawa. Find your favourite place to relax. We (your hosts) live in a separate building on the same site and our staff are in the staff room on the ground floor or cleaning during the day, so if you need anything, please contact us at any time.

Free parking and free Wifi are also available.


Le Lotus Bleu is a very old building, it has many fragile items., ans is also not very well soundproofed, so to avoid any disturbance we don't host children under 12 years old. If you rent the whole house this rule does not apply, but we'll ask you to be careful with your children.

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