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The whole house rental is ideal for groups of around 12 people (max. 18). There are five guest rooms of various sizes on the second floor of a large old house, and on the ground floor a large hall for yoga and work, a spacious kitchen, dining room and terraces.


It is a one-minute walk to Shiraho Beach. You can enjoy small, unique cafés, restaurants and local shops in a traditional village with red tiles, stone walls and fukugi (Okinawan symbolic tree).

For meals, we can introduce you to some great island catering.


Small group retreats in a couple of rented rooms are also possible. You will share the kitchen and hall with other guests, but you may make some interesting connections.

Choose your venue depending on the size of your group and the athmosphere you want.

Surrounded by greenery with a view of the turquoise sea on one side and Ishigaki Island's landmark Marpe (Mt Nosoko) on the other side, the wooden house is for rent entirely. It is located in the northern part of Ishigaki Island where the most beautiful beaches and scenic spots are concentrated.


The house is about 85 m2 and has an additional large terrace. There is one main bedroom and one tiny bedroom, and the kitchen is open to the living room where everyone gathers.

Nosoko beach is a four-minute walk from the house, and a small secret beach is down a path in the jungle behind the house. The beach is shady even in the hot summer months, where you can swim and watch the beautiful sunsets.

The house is perfect for small groups of 3 or 4 people. (max. 6 people).

And the large terrace and garden offer many activities such as barbecues and yoga.

La terrasse Kookai outside
La terrasse Kookai Living dining room

La Terrasse Kookai​


Feldenkrais retreat scene

Feldenkrais & Esalen massage Retreat

Classes only in Japanese

Mar 14 - 17 2024

Retreat gathering on the beach

Yoga Kuukan

October 23rd to 27th 2024

Yoga retreat scene

Saori Yoga from London

Classes mainly in English

2 terms : Apr 6 - 12, Apr 13 -  19 2024

Spiritual pretzel yoga profile photo

Spritual Pretzel yoga

Classes in English

To be decided soon!!

Nov 2024


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