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Le Lotus Bleu is a traditional 19th century merchant house with a typical architecture from Hida area (central Japan) that was moved in Ishigaki about 50 years ago.

It is located in Shiraho, a farmer and fishermen village, who kept alive its traditions and culture, well-known for its blue coral reef.

You can  rent the whole house, and organize your own retreat, or you can rent a room and enjoy the yoga studio and the massage salon, participate to our activities and discover the islands.

The house is about 450 square meters on 2 floors, with gardens and 2 wood decks. It can host up to 18 people. We have 5 guests rooms (with shower and toilets in each room). The big & cosy kitchen is shared between the guests.It is also where we live, in a separated house.

The village is very quiet, conveniently located between the airport and the city

It is a convenient location to explore both the north of the island, and the others islands.
You can feel the atmosphere of the house with the 3D visit (at the bottom of this page).

Le Lotus Bleu Gallery

More About Le Lotus Bleu

Yoga retreat scene

Hall - Shala

guest room Kujira
Guest room Iruka

Guest rooms

Big & cosy kitchen
Beautiful catering for retreat


Terrace of Le Lotus Bleu
Another terrace of Le Lotus Bleu



Location : Shiraho

Shiraho village where our house Le lotus bleu is located is a quiet village 10 minutes by car from the airport and 20 to 30 minutes to the city center.

In the village, which is full of Yaeyama characteristics, there are not many conveniences like in the city, but there are some local shops, restaurants, and unique cafes. Fukugi trees, red-tiled houses and the townscape of stone walls are the original scenery of Okinawa. Shiraho is also a village of performing arts. Many of the villagers are skilled in performing arts such as the sanshin, singing, and dancing. It is a wonderful village that focuses on activities to protect the goodness of the village without being swept away by tourism.

It is very close to the airport and is located roughly in the middle of the island, so it is convenient for sightseeing in the city, west and north.

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