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空 Ku
蓮 Ren Lotus

About Küren

küren means ”the sky” and ”the Lotus” in Japanese,

the sky for Ishigaki beautiful nature, the lotus for the serenity we try to bring to our guests. We believe being immerged in the nature, staying in the calm of our houses, discover ishigaki treasures, participating to our retreats and activities will give you the opportunity to step back from your everyday life, to reconnect with yourselves and with others, change your perspective, and come back regenerated.

Whether your come for a retreat, or to enjoy vacations, whether you stay in le Lotus Bleu or la terrasse kookai, the common trait we try to bring to all our guests is that possibility to connect with Ishigaki beauty, so they can reconnect with themselves,

some of you needs beach and sun, or diving, snorkeling or trek in the jungle, others would need yoga, massages and time off,

We help you organise your stay, your retreat, customized to your needs.

we see our houses as frames, shelters, showcases for your activities.


Your Hosts





それがLe Lotus Bleu とLa Terrasse Kookaiでした。








First time i came to Ishigaki, to visit the old house unhabited for years that would become later  Le Lotus Bleu, i felt we found the place we've been looking for, after years working  in big companies in Paris and Tokyo, finally a place to build a life at our rythm, based on our values.

we live in a crazy world, we lost sight of priorities, we are destroying the nature and prioritize money over our life.

i don't have the ambition to change the world, but what we try to do here is to give to our guests opportunities to put things in perspective, through immersion in a beautiful environment,  a different culture, and through yoga.

i started yoga about 10 years ago and it took an important place in my life, i'm still learning and i try to share what i've learn at Le lotus bleu.



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